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USHABTI of the 18th Dynasty’s little known Vice-Roy of KUSH, AMENHOTEP. This is a                 funerary object made from hard fine-grained and densely packed red sandstone. It also bears a deeply carved inscription.








DIMENSIONS: Height-18.5 cm

             Width-8.6 cm (at shoulders)

ICONOGRAPHY: A mummy with a tripartite wig without hands or beard. 

RENDITION: Five horizontal engraved lines



“The Shd, the King’s son (of Kush) Amenhoteph justified he says, O these Ushabtis if one details the King’s son (of Kush) and Overseer of Southern Lands Amenhoteph for any of the works which are done in the necropolis as a man at his duty then obstacles are implanted for him there in order to make the fields grow in order to irrigate the bankside lands….”  

Object held at the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery,UK.- Accession No.1969 W1150