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His-STORY exposed


Descendants of CHATTEL SLAVERY universally suffer POST TRAUMATIC SLAVERY DISORDER and have never been beneficiaries of appropriate remediation. In the absence of CULTURAL LITERACY, descendants of Chattel Slavery have had inaccurate psychosocial assessments as users of alien Mental Care systems. Clinicians persist in their ubiquitous application of Freudian and other theories that have no pertinence to the diverse experience of non Europeans. Further, these foreign theories are all EURO-CENTRIC, thus do not address the cultural sensitivities of patients in so-called mother countries, independent states or colonies. The institution of chattel slavery was never aptly addressed in the past nor present. Without a resolution on the cards, compounded by a false concept of superiority with a maintained position of non committal responsibility for the introduction of that perverse system (Chattel Slavery) and its subsequent systems-for example Imperialism and Capitalism contributes directly to the psychosis that is endemic to communities still marginalised.

We give thanks for the lives of those who are now ancestors. 

It is pertinent to celebrate cultural diversity across the PLANET, BUT NO ONE can negate the pertinence of ancient traditions and everlasting contributions of Afrikans & Indigenous Peoples to World Civilization

we should also become more aware of the impact of the SOLAR FLARES on our lives today

" RESISTANCE, RELIGION & CHATTEL SLAVERY IN THE CARIBBEAN " Speaker: Roi Kwabena An authoriative demystification of Abolition of the Slave Trade saga @ WORDPOWER Festival & Black International Bookfair from 12.oo noon on Saturday 13th October 2007 The EMIRATES ARSENAL Stadium Islington, London N7