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Holocaust Day 2002

the pain of genocide

In silence
let us reflect
on past vile mistakes
grave errors of judgement
that still evoke pain
senseless violence against innocent
souls. In hope

let us now
never allow differences to cloud
our lucid vision of
better seasons when hope an' prayer
turns into peaceful bliss. Never

will we direct our anger
against humanity ... for our future
on this planet ... our survival. As long as

there be understanding
let reality of purpose be our collective focus.

Sensitive plants have sprouted
where flames once
scorched earth

tears of joy replace hapless fear

we are again entrusted with new responsibilities
this day. As long
as we keep on this journey
with understanding for energy
bearing gifts of diversity
to celebrate


as we ferry memories still
of those who strove and fell

this silence commands us to appreciate
divinity within each other
for their memories are sacred
their cries will never go unheard
and our children
will remember

so today - PEACE
patience in harmony we bequeath

Birmingham commemorated the genocides

R.Kwabena © all rights reserved