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Coming in the mail at the same time was a CD, Y42K, by former WUTT associate and former T&T senator, Roi Kwabena. Kwabena, traveller, poet, lecturer, publisher is currently domiciled in Birmingham, England, where he is doing interesting things as a cultural activist. The CD, Y42K, contains fourteen tracks,Roi's version of Rapso. He speaks/chants the poems/lyrics and also plays the djembe, bongos, flute, handcall and bottle and spoon. The CD is an excellent medium for performance poets and Kwabena is leading the way. His contribution at this time helps to complete the poetry weekend and season.

Also in the mail this weekend was a chapbook collection, Manzanilla, by Knolly S. La Fortune. He is another from the time of A.M. Clarke, with quite a similar background. They both began to write while they were students at the Government Training College for teachers in the 1940s. Though La Fortune has been domiciled in England for decades, the poems resonate with Trinidadian influences. One of the poems, "Carnival Rhapsody" is still used in school choral speaking competitions, and may therefore be the best known down here. Mr La Fortune, contribution, like Mr. Clarke, and former senator Kwabena, helped to make the season resound with poetry.